Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A few months ago I took a free course in framing and special effects from Jessica Sprague. One of the best things I learned was about the use of textures. Jessica shared some links for freebie textures on Flickr, but I have since found out about a wonderful blog from Rita at Coffeeshop. It is called Shadowhouse Creations and features his wonderful artwork, plus some free textures and brushes. It is well worth a visit. I downloaded some of the textures and started playing.

This is the photo I used - straight out of the camera, no adjustments.

This was with tone textures from Shadowhouse Creations - #3, soft light, opacity 50%

Then I added tone texture #4, soft light, opacity 100%

On this one I used the soft translucent tone #9, Shadowhouse Creations, color burn, opacity 75%

On this one, I used tone texture #10, again from Shadowhouse Creations, overlay, 100% then added his painterly effect texture, soft light, 75% opacity.

I love what these textures can do and how they enhance photos.

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  1. Wonderful filter work and a beautiful finished image. If you want some excellent free filters, check out this site:

    Have a blessed day!