Thursday, October 8, 2009

Portrait of Tessa

This is my 18 year old kitty, Tessa. 17 years ago, a friend who knew I wanted a cat saw a notice at her vet's office and gave it to me. A young couple were looking for a home for a stray they had found. I contacted them, went to see Tessa, and the rest is history. When she was younger, she used to chase balls and bring them back to me to throw again. She doesn't do that anymore. Most of the time she can be found sleeping in her favorite spots - when she isn't yowling for food or attention - lol.


  1. It is just amazing. Like I would be reading a story of my own cat :) He is also old and most of the time yowl for food or attention... but mostly for food :) And I also adopt this cat.Your Tessa is wonderful cat.
    I have here some photos of my cat: