Friday, June 18, 2010

Smile - Today's Word

The word for today is smile.  This is the last post as the Creativity BootCamp is finished.  I've really enjoyed working with old photos and hopefully making them better.  I also did a couple of still life photos which I have never done before.  My "thing" now is using textures.  I love them.

For this last assignment I picked a photo of my son from years ago.  It was Christmas morning and he was opening his gifts.  I scanned it from a slide, put a hue/saturation adjustment layer to correct skin tones, a levels adjustment layer, and used two textures by Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creations.  The first one is translucent tone 9 at 100% and the second one is elemental grunge 5 at about 75% opacity. 

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